The world’s best rumen pH bolus

Smaller, more accurate, longer lived than any other.

At eCow we have been making boluses since 2007. In that time we have managed to improve the technology so that our boluses are the best choice for researchers in countries all over the world. Our boluses are designed for not only research and testing but also practical use on farms. We are based in Exeter, in  South West of England where we manufacture, test and ship all of our products.

If you are looking for more information on boluses and the science behind our product then please click here. If you would like to view the specifications on our product then you can find it on the eBolus page. For any general enquiries or customer support, please view our FAQ page or send us a message through our contact form.
Please see below to read a handful of testimonials we have had from our clients. We work tirelessly to ensure that not only the eCow bolus remains a market leader but also that we deliver the best customer support that we can.
eCow boluses have provided us with reliable rumen pH data that has allowed us to review diet, conditions and husbandry techniques with farmers. This has led to improved yield, better diagnosis of SARA and improvements in animal husbandry at some of the highest yielding herds we manage. Richard Vecqueray

Evidence Based Veterinary Consultancy

Our trials have used eCow boluses for some time now and we’ve been impressed by their longevity, stability and data quality. We have had repeated orders with eCow and will continue to do so. Mathieu Silberberg

INRA, France

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By tracking rumen pH response to ration changes, we have been able to safely increase the level of caustic wheat in the diet from 3kg to 7kg a cow a day and increase yields from 34 to 37 litres per cow per day. To hear more about how Tom improved yields using eCow boluses listen to him speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today program. Tom Dibble

Halberton, Devon