The eCow bolus has received a great write-up in today’s Western Morning News (19th February 2014). The article speaks with Jeremy Hamilton of Three Counties Feeds, who work closely with eCow, having taken part in the farmBolus trials over the summer months in 2013. It explains how placing boluses within several cows within a herd can detect diseases such as SARA (Sub Acute Ruminal Acidosis) and how placing a bolus in the rumen can help achieve optimum efficiency in the management of dairy herds, both financially and in terms of the health and welfare of the herd. This has proven beneficial to farms where different feeding and production systems are used; farms which use robotic milking, feed their cows a total mixed ration or allow them graze and are parlour fed have all seen advantages to using our rumen pH monitoring system. The full article is available online here.