Detect SARA with VetPack

Acidosis both in its clinical and subclinical (SARA) forms slowly and quietly destroys dairy cows according to CowSignals . The simple and effective way to detect and correct it is to buy a VetPack with at least three rumen boluses.  Pop them in some average cows and use the included smartPhone to download data from the rumen.  If the pH goes below 5.8, especially if it cycles over 0.6 pH units per day then you should take corrective action advised by your vet or nutritionist.   Within a few days you will see an effect of the change.  A group of 200 cows with SARA will lose about £5000 per month and the correction is often to reduce costs and change routines and timing.  Controlling SARA and acidosis saves cows lives and pain.

Call us direct or ask your vet for a quote for a Vetpack or a set of extra boluses for those who have them already.

Vetpack contains all you need to detect SARA for £1500