I am travelling in Canada and the USA visiting customers old and new.   The wildlife here is different .

Sitting on the lawn near our customer’s office block


I have flown on to Indianapolis for the annual ADSA meeting and looking forward to talking dairy cows for a couple of days and to meet friends old and new.

The airport is impressively modern and everyone helpful and friendly.  Indianapolis has a fine compact city center and I am staying only two blocks away from the conference center.  I had breakfast in a cafe where the police came in for their breakfast.  They leave their motorbikes outside – beautifully polished how do they have time for catching criminals or perps.

The officer’s name is painted on the tank.  I hope he doesn’t have to chase perps on foot because I think even I could outrun him


I bought a charger for our new Samsung handsets in the USA, this is the only adaptation needed to use the system here.  Data plans are available for those who want to use 3G/4G for uploads direct from the side of the cow.