Farmers Weekly has written a feature on the eCow bolus systems which have been placed into certain cows within Edward Morgan’s herd, as part of his demonstration work for the Farming Connect initiative in Wales. In order to gain a good picture of the overall situation of the herd, boluses were placed in six cows in total: two dry cows and four heifers, fresh calvers and cows that had calved 30 days previously, because of the seasonal calving pattern at the farm. The article explains how the boluses have been used, and highlights some of the many benefits of measuring rumen pH for the management of dairy herds. Mr Morgan explains how he has found the boluses useful in resolving pH levels which were too high, consequently altering the rations that he feeds his herd with guidance from his vet, Gwyn Jones, which has reduced the risk of acidosis. He says that “from a nutritional point of view you don’t know what’s going on in the rumen. You can look at the muck but it doesn’t give the whole picture. The bolus does that.”, which shows just how important the farmBolus can be in successful dairy herd management. The full article is available to read online here.