Our friends at Dascor are showing  the new Vetpack at the American Dairy Science JAM meeting in Salt Lake City this week.  The Vetpack contains boluses and our smartphone based data download system.  If you want to diagnose whether cows have SARA then use the Vetpack.  Pop in the boluses, measure the rumen pH with the phone, identify the pH profile, map pH features to feeding routines, adjust feed and other factors, bring the pH profiles into a good range.  Most herds will then remain clear of SARA until a change in feed or herdsman or system.  The Vetpack starts at $2320 and more boluses can be added.   The bolus gives you rumen pH and temperature data on a sample of cows for up to 100 days and is far less risky for cows than rumenocentesis.  Go along and talk to Kelly, buy the system and throw away the rumenocentesis needles.