I am giving an invited paper at the Nordic Feed Science Conference.  The paper reviews the field experience of using rumen pH telemetry and points out the directions for engineering development in the future. Wireless rumen telemetry addresses directly a long standing problem in nutrient management of knowing what a cow has eaten by measuring pH which is directly affected by nutrient intake and bacterial activity. We are establish reticulo-rumen pH of 5.8 as the threshold below which the cow should spend less than an as yet undefined percentage of time. My experience highlights two different uses of rumen pH data, one to correct an immediate nutritional problem detected by observation of other data and the second to continuously monitor a rotating subset of cows to provide early warning of deviation from a planned management target. Each method needs a slightly different approach to bolus design. Rumen pH boluses have shown a real benefit to farm management and have a great future.


I will upload the full paper and slides after 15th June.