Professor Toby Mottram to talk at ExIST Conference 2014

Professor Toby Mottram, Douglas Bomford Trust Chair in Applied Farm Mechanisation and Management at the Royal Agricultural University (RAU) will talk at the Exeter Initiative for Science and Technology’s (ExIST) first conference on Thursday 4 September at the University of Exeter.

Professor Mottram will be addressing the audience on the subject ‘Towards the 20,000 litre cow’, citing management, housing, and silage as key factors in achieving higher yields. He will present a programme of research which shows how improved management techniques can routinely produce 20,000 litres of milk from healthy long-lived cows. The systems described in this lecture rely on sensor based feedback control of all aspects of feeding, disease detection and animal management.

The ExIST conference will bring together leading figures from academia and business to discuss the impact of data, science and technology on food security. It aims to raise awareness of the aspects of science and technology supporting agri-science and food security which might help secure the future of UK food requirements.

The event will be chaired by Mr John Lee OBE, a fellow of the Royal Agricultural Societies, and will include talks from; Professor Michael Winter, Director of the Centre for Rural Policy Research at the University of Exeter, Dr Tim Fox from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Professor Dame Julia Slingo, Chief Scientist at The Met Office, Dr Mike Bushell, Principal Scientific Advisor at Syngenta, Ms Mary Quicke from Quicke Traditional Ltd, Professor Sarah Gurr, Chair in Food Security at University of Exeter, and Professor John Bryant, Emeritus at the University of Exeter.

Professor Mottram explains that: “Food security was, and still is, a major challenge for the UK, and one of the many people who addressed that challenge was Robert Boutflour at the Royal Agricultural College Cirencester. Over sixty years ago (1953) Professor Boutflour showed how to produce over 9,000 litres of milk per year from cows bought from the Saturday market in Gloucester. He demonstrated that management was the key to achieving yields that were astonishing in his day and would still rank his herd highly.”

Professor Toby Mottram has a wealth of experience both in applied research during his time at Silsoe Research Institute, where he did pioneering work on robotic milking, and more recently of commercial development through his own company eCow, which develops and markets electronic cow management systems.

For more information please contact on 01285 652531.

Professor Toby Mottram to talk at ExIST Conference 2014