I will be speaking at the Inaugural Meeting of the British Biochar Foundation  http://www.britishbiocharfoundation.org/?page_id=597 on 20th June

At present the Foundation is being set up by five volunteers; three of the UK’s leading biochar scientists, a social entrepreneur and an ecologist.

Dr. Simon Shackley (UKBiochar Research Center, Edinburgh University)
Dr. Cecile Girardin (ECI, Oxford University)
Dr. Russell Layberry (ECI, Oxford University)
Darren Hopkins
Melanie Bennet
These five have driven forward with the Foundation’s mission because of the realisation for the need of some coordination and mutual support and direction of biochar development activities and use in the UK.
Their aim is to provide a place for developers, producers, enthusiasts and anyone else who is interested, to come together to share knowledge, experience, ideas and contacts. This can include community groups, charities, allotment societies, farmers, charcoal producers, project developers, social enterprises, community interest companies (CICs) and cooperatives, companies – big and small, researchers, local authorities, schools and colleges – in fact anyone who is interested in or who wishes to help with “the sustainable deployment of biochar in the UK”
The team are all extremely passionate about what they do and look forwards to working with communities, commerce, science, politics and society as a whole in bringing balance and structure to the emerging biochar arena.

Please let us know if you’d like a chance to meet at the above event and we’ll arrange a convenient time with you.

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