The pictures have been put up on the Precision Dairy Farming (PDF2016) conference website.   Here is one of me.

Here is everything a dairy cow specialist needs to know about rumen pH. It has taken me thirteen years to be able to say these simple things.

A rumen telemetry bolus can be used to detect SARA in the reticulum.  About 30% of dairy cows have SARA at some level.  We can now put numbers to the definition of SARA.  Try this:-

SARA is when a ruminant has a pH that oscillates by more that 0.3 pH units and has repeated periods of over 2 hours below pH 5.8 measured in the reticulum.

I now think that SARA is an occasional feature of dairy cow nutrition rather than a fundamental problem of high yielding cows.  You can use a Vetpack of 3 boluses to diagnose SARA in dairy cows for a very modest cost which will allow management to be altered and the problem fixed.  Our boluses last for over 90 days which is long enough to try different fixes for the nutritional upsets.

Leeuwarden is a charming Dutch town and former port at the north eastern (leeward) end of the Zuider Zee much of which is now farm land.  It was great to see the new dairy research complex.  I hope the Agri-EPICentre facilities are of the same scale and quality.