Hathor is our Data viewing software that we have developed which allows cross comparisons with the hundreds of other data sets we now have. Hathor allows users to not only view their own data on any internet connected device, but also stack data sets on top of on another for easier comparison as well as allowing users the opportunity to compare their own data with our vast library of anonymised data. For example, a dairy farmer in the UK may wish to know how his cows compare with other dairy cows in the same region of the country.



Here is one we were recently asked for to compare different cows when feeds were changed. These comparisons can be made instantly and then the data can be downloaded to view in Excel should you choose.



If you would like to see how Hathor works or already have access to it and would like a tutorial, then please watch the video to the left of this text. If you have any questions about Hathor then please contact a member of our team.