Motility Sensor

Rumen Motility Measurement System


Please note that the Motility Sensor is currently unavailable due to our focus being on our other products.


eCow has developed a bespoke system to measure the pressure changes caused by the peristaltic movements of the rumen wall, otherwise known as motility. The device is designed for use in fistulated/cannulated research cattle.


System Description

The device measures rumen activity through two pressure sensors. These pressure sensors are fed into the cow’s rumen through a cannula stopper (Bar Diamond used as default) and positioned in two different locations within the rumen, typically in the upper ventral sac and reticulum.

They connect to an electronic logger outside the cow which will record readings every second and display real-time readings as well as battery power and time.

The system is battery operated to allow portability within the barn and total isolated protection of the cow from mains shocks or frequency effects. The sensor box is a portable unit with a rechargeable battery (12V) which should give at least 7 days of use while constantly logging.


  • Rechargeable 12V battery giving at least 7 days of constant logging
  • LCD monitor showing current pressure readings along with time and battery power
  • Four external connectors, two for the pressure sensors, one for charging and a USB connector for data downloads to a computer
  • Cannula stopper to hold pipes and reference pressure sensors securely in place, with metal and paper filters to prevent dust and water ingress
  • Pressure pipes made of braided transparent anti-kink PVC to allow regular inspection for rumen fluid advancing up the pipe
  • Two pressure sensing hoses, one 40 cm long to hang unaided in the ventral sac, the other 150 cm long to be weighed down in the reticulum
  • Pressure is logged every second
  • Dedicated software to extract data from the pressure logger