A recent study from the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, Slovak Republic shows the capabilities of the eCow farmBolus. Continuous reticuloruminal pH data over a period of 45 days were collected from 7 Holstein dairy cows, allowing for in-depth analysis of pH variations not possible using single point measurements such as oro-ruminal probes or rumenocentesis.

Using the bespoke eCow software HathorHBClient v. 1.8.1 they were able to easily access and convert the raw data for evaluation with IBM SPSS v. 20.0 (One-way ANNOVA).

Several aspects of the daily pH were observed, such as hours per day the pH was in a specific range and the variation in daily pH profile between animals on the same feeding regime. Information from studies such as this are invaluable to the dairy industry, helping to further quantify variations in ruminal activity and how these are affected by management conditions. This was made possible through the use of the eCow eBolus.