Sixty years ago Bobby Boutflour at the RAU shocked the dairy world by showing yields of 2000 gallons (9000 litres) were achievable just by attending to details of management particularly feeding.  His best cow Beauty gave 13500 litres and she was not the result of some genetic improvement scheme but a cow bought in the Saturday market in Gloucester.   In those days the cows had detailed human attention pandering to their every need, that is clearly not possible today but I believe that new technology can provide that close attention to detail. The USDA is currently running a project to identify technologies for the cow of the future and as my part of the project I wrote an essay Cow of the Future that emphasises the need for new engineering technologies that eCow is dedicated to building. Beyond Bout v3 is the lecture I gave to inaugurate my Douglas Bomford Chair in Agricultural Mechanisation arguing that we must move forward from the achievements of the 1950s.