Best wishes for the winter holidays and 2016

It is Christmas Eve, the eCow team have all gone home and it is just me, Toby Mottram locking up for the long weekend and musing on the year that has gone past so quickly. We started the year with production on hold until we had the results of some QC tests to confirm that we had fixed an issue. We improved the bolus and we end of the year with production going flat out to catch up with orders from researchers around the world. Place your orders now for delivery in mid February onward. Half our orders now come from satisfied repeat customers and we know that our technology is changing many things our industry thought we knew about rumen pH and acidosis. We have developed a working relationship with Bridgwater College and we can now test and demonstrate our equipment at their excellent facility with 250 dairy cows.

Our achievements for 2015 are

  • Continuous improvement to the design and manufacturing process has led to increased bolus reliability and longevity. We now increased the average bolus life to well over 90 days with some remaining accurate to 150 days.
  • The Hathor software package has received continual upgrades, inputting user feedback to produce a more streamlined and hassle free experience for users.
  • The Hathor database is fully functional allowing easy access to customer bolus data using the Windows based HathorClient.
  • The eCow dataviewer has been developed giving customers quick access and multiple options for viewing and analysing their data.
  • A new antenna was trialled and approved which greatly improved signal strength and improved connectivity
  • With the new antenna, we were able to take fast and reliable readings from both beef cattle and a stud bull and massively reduce the time for downloading from dairy cows.
  • The new veterinary medicine recording app VirtualVet is ready for Beta test, contact us if you want to trial it.