Here is the most recent blog from our colleagues at VirtualVet in Ireland. This month they consider the #Februdairy twitter campaign, designed as a response in response to veganuary the campaign has proved controversial but has also lead to many interesting discussions. 

#Februdairy is well underway and the discussions on Twitter, BBC, and other media are active and for the most part informative. Here we reflect on the ever-growing industry serving animal health and welfare which farmers are now demanding. The way farmers approach their business is changing, with increasing numbers adopting the idea that ‘prevention is better than cure’  and ensuring that the highest standards of animal health and welfare are upheld.

For over forty years the European Union has researched, developed and implemented animal welfare standards for members states. These standards have also been adopted by countries wishing to export to the EU market and their spread is continuing. Ensuring that the appropriate diagnostic tools are used and developed is a vital part of this.

It is well known that prevention, or at least early detection of animal health issues, can increase the chance of successful treatment. Not only does this have a positive impact on the animals welfare, but also reduces the overall cost of farm healthcare. It is no longer merely the law or fashion which dictates animal welfare; it is sound business sense to monitor the animals carefully and frequently to ensure timely treatment.

The eCow vet pack is an ideal way to introduce non-invasive, safe rumen pH and temperature monitoring in to your herd health management plan. The eCow bolus technology is both the safest and most accurate way to analyse gastrointestinal and feed performance, detecting issues before they impact on production or health. The use of our bolus to monitor rumen fluid can negate the use of Rumenocentisis, a procedure which is as inaccurate as it is dangerous.  

At both Virtualvet and eCow, we support the dairy industry every day; #Februdairy allows us to see and meet all the other committed cow fans in the UK and elsewhere.