The Vetpack


Please note that the boluses in our Farmpack and Vetpack are the same variation of Farmbolus, it is the additional support offered with each package that differs.

When a herd of cows has a nutritional problem, it is hard to see what it is. SARA is a common diagnosis but where is the evidence? Very often the diet formulation looks OK but as we know, silage varies through the clamp, people don’t put the right ingredients in or they have a disorderly routine. The rumen bolus tells you what is really happening. A Vetpack gives you all you need to monitor a herd for 3 months by which time you will have identified and fixed the problem.

We also sell both our Vetpack and Farmpack through the Farmacy marketplace.


Not only does the Farmbolus give you the data you need to diagnose SARA, It can also benefit with the following:

  • Identifies issues in the managment of the cows feeding.
  • Improved use of supplements.
  • Monitoring drinking behaviour and heat stress.
  • Elimination of mycotoxin diagnosis.

A Vetpack contains:

  • A dedicated smartphone with download antenna.
  • 3 Boluses.
  • Subscription to “Hathor”, a dedicated online data-viewer to allow comparisons between farms.
  • All software and hardware support.
When you suspect a nutritional management problem, put an eBolus in 3% of the problem group (usually early lactation cows). Choose cows giving average yields in the group (avoid the “best” or sick cows that the herdsman worries about). Record the cow ID’s on the smartphone so to associate the bolus ID with the cow ID. the bolus goes down the throat using a standard bolus gun. After a few minutes, it migrates to the reticulum where it stays to continuously monitor pH and temperature.

The Farmpack


We developed the Farmpack to be specifically aimed at farmers. When a Vet/Nutritionist has visited and diagnosed SARA, the Farmpack is the solution. The Farmpack’s purpose is to help the monitoring of the cows, giving the vet the data that he needs to pinpoint the problem and solve it.

The Farmpack is designed for direct to farm shipping with administration by the bet at the next visit and so does not come with a handset or “Hathor” subscription. Due to the nature of the product, we will only provide the Farmpack to customers that have been recommended by a Vet or Nutritionist who is is possession of a Vetpack.

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The Farmpack contains:

  • Either 3 or 6 boluses depending on the amount needed.
  • An applicator (This comes with both size packs)

Handset and Hathor access is not provided in this package.